Drafting & Engineering


All drafting work done by Knight Precast is done in house. We use AutoCAD 2006 to layout each building and each individual piece of plank. In addition to this, we also draw stairs & balconies. (Our stairs & Balconies are provided to us by Bethlehem Precast, Inc. www.bethlehemprecast.com).


The drafting department of Knight Precast is constantly updating.


The process our draftsmen use is reverse engineering. When given a set of drawings from an architect, and structural engineer, or a sketch for some work the draftsmen redraw the building from scratch. From this point we layout each piece of plank, etc.


The drawings are then sent to an independent engineer who will review the drawings, and work together with Knight Precast’s drafters to solve any engineering issues, until the drawings and calculations can be signed and sealed.


From here the drawings and calculations are sent to the general contractor to begin the approval process.


After receiving approval, each piece is individually detailed in shop cards. These shop cards are sent to the plant for manufacturing after a thorough internal review.


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